What exercises are safe 6 months post-labour

Six months in and you’ve finally got the hang of this parenting thing. Through the night feeds, nappies and the moments where you thought ‘I just can’t do this’, everything has actually turned out alright. Is that a sigh of relief we hear? Now you’re probably feeling a bit more like yourself again, and have your baby into a routine, you should be able to get back into it. And by ‘it’ we mean exercise. Whether it’s something you’re still getting round to or have already started moving a little, here’s our guide to getting your strength back.

Make your day more active

That housework you’ve been neglecting? The time is now. It’s a three birds with one stone deal: vacuum the stairs, burn some calories, build some strength. Walk instead of taking the car; if you’re still on maternity leave, the odds are that you have a lot more time — use it well. If you’ve got older children, run around with them. They love to burn energy jumping about; you ought to as well.

Brisk walking

Pushing a pram? Yep, that counts as exercise. As long as you’re on-the-go, even a short half an hour walk around the park is still getting your body moving again. Remember: arms bent and back straight. We don’t want to add backache into the recovery mix.

Go swimming

It’s relaxing, not too strenuous and is good for strengthening all those muscles that were weakened when you were having the baby. If you’re taking your little rascal, take someone to hold onto them too. They’ll be no swimming with a baby on your back.

A post-natal exercise class

Post-pregnancy exercises classes are so hot right now. From buggy fit to babywearing workouts, they’ll be a class near you to help you tone up. The best bit? You can usually do it with your baby by your side. The class is full of other new mums too, so everyone can relate to what you’re going through.

An online exercise class

Put baby down for a nap, switch on your laptop and get bending and stretching along with your online instructor. It’s convenient and almost too easy. If you’ve got older children to look after (and entertain), let get them involved in the workout sesh.

Make pelvic floor exercises part of your routine

Nobody ever mentioned pelvic floor exercises before pregnancy, did they? Well, now they’re of the utmost importance. Familiarise yourself with the NHS instructions , then get onto these exercises three times a day. It’ll be worth it, we promise.