Get To Know Alice

Alice Fotheringham is our infant nutrition specialist and nutritional chef who’s love of good food and its provenance was kindled at a young age, growing up on a fruit farm in Scotland, making jams, jellies, cakes and cordials in the seasonal farm shop and tea room with her mum.

After cooking professionally around the world, Alice worked with Annabel Karmel, an expert and best-selling author on baby food & nutrition. This is where Alice became obsessed with infant nutrition and the importance of food in the early years, working with Annabel on recipe books, styling food for Annabel’s children’s cooking TV show, as well as advising parents on nutrition, weaning and feeding the family. This is also when she went back to study nutrition.

Alice went on to meet Cat Gazzoli who I’m sure most of you know as our fantastic Founder! They both found a shared passion for good food and a belief in the importance of instilling a love of food from a young age. Together they developed early years healthy eating and weaning programmes for a UK charity that was implemented across London.

Alice still runs similar workshops today, teaching families about introducing new foods, responsive feeding and getting children to eat a wide variety of healthy foods from an early age.

It is an ongoing part of Alice’s work to bring together the crucial research that is being done on infant nutrition and work with families and volunteers to bring food education to families in a way that is fun, informative and helps give parents the information and support that is so lacking with major cuts to local children’s centres and health programmes.

When Alice is not teaching healthy eating workshops and writing tips on weaning, Alice is dreaming up and testing new recipes for our website and new products.

A new mum herself, Alice is already getting excited about introducing her little boy to the exciting world of starting solids!

She is here to help you; ready to arm you with tips, tricks and recipes to help make the experience of introducing foods, dealing with fussy eaters and eating well as a family, as enjoyable as possible for both you and your baby.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Alice who is available through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the Contact tab of our website