Female Founders

When I started Piccolo, I had come from a world of charities and large political movements from the UN to Slow Food. I had been surrounded by mentors and a lot of successful and strong women.

Moving into food I wanted to find those support structures I had had before, and it has been quite a journey to find those women; but without them, I am not sure I would be where I am today, and I certainly wouldn’t have had so much fun, or drank as much wine.

We have been delighted to get involved with the Facebook campaign #SheMeansBusiness a brilliant move to train and support more women in business, and their slogan ‘when women succeed, we all win’, very much struck a chord with myself and the women in our team here.

Women are inherently social; we like to talk things through, listen and support our friends and family, weaving a strong web around us, watching out for, looking after, managing and often running, those around us. To me all the skills that it takes to keep all these elements in the air (and not at the expense of our own health and happiness) are the perfect skill sets to set up and run businesses.

And more and more women are doing so, and it is such a joy to see.

People, books and movements that have inspired me:

– My mentor and food educator Prue Leith. I love her autobiography ‘Relish; my life on a plate’ is a very honest look at her life and setting up her very successful career

– Caroline Bennett, the founder of Moshi Moshi and seafood campaigner

– Mother Pukka the Instagram queen and her awesome energy she has put into #flexappeal

– Clemmie from @motherofdaughters and the very sensible advice she has given about birth, her shiny new lovely book is just out, definitely check it out

– Look out for #SheMeansBusiness from Facebook for training and support near you

Look out for us on All Bright, a female led investment company where you can invest in us!

Alice Fotheringham, one of my co-founders, and I would love to hear from you – we all win from working together.

With Love,

Cat and Alice x