Bedtime Stories: Books for getting your little one to sleep

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Since it was only the other day that we had world book day, I thought it would be fitting to talk about the top ten books I love to read to my sons; and I know Hugo is only 4 months old but he really seems to enjoy story time especially if it’s a brightly coloured book. So before my youngest came along. Hector and I would always have a few books that we’d read during the day or just before bed. However our bedtime routine with two, now becomes a little bit of a challenge and I’m still working on a smoother routine for us all. So instead we now always have an afternoon reading session, where I let Hector pull out a heap of books for us to all sit and read together, which has become our little chilled session before I cook dinner for the evening.

So thought I’d share a few of our favourites that Hector seems to pull out time and time again.


1. The Tale Of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter, such a lovely classic book of naughty little Peter who ventured off to Mr. Mc Gregors garden. I started reading this one when Hector was small and at first he wasn’t always interested, HOWEVER it’s now become his number one favourite bedtime book.

2. 10 Little Friends by Igloo books – a perfect book to encourage your children to count from one to ten. It’s about a boy called Olly who holds a birthday party and each page introduces a new friend. This book is even more important to me as it shows diversity amongst his friends.

3. Touch Think Learn ABC by Xavier Deneux – A hard back book with lovely thick pages. Colourful and pretty in design and another book that captivated my little one from beginning to end and aided him in grasping the alphabets very quickly.

4. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle – another great classic that I once read with my parents so it’s lovely to see Hector enjoying this story too! I think the counting theme that runs through the book of the many different foods the caterpillar ate was another key feature of Hector adoring this tale.

5. There’s an Alien In Your Book by Tom Fletcher – a very new one to our bookshelf but since we’ve had it he’s always requested to read it. It’s such a fun interactive book, with great illustrations so definitely one to have in your collection.

I do have a few more I could add but these are definitely ones I’d recommend adding to your collection if you don’t already have them!