A Piccolo Easter

As the UK lockdown begins to lift, we (fingers crossed!) only have one more occasion to celebrate as a bubble: Easter.

There are many ways to celebrate the holiday, but we normally just use it as an excuse to eat chocolate for every meal of the day.

But if, like us, you’re feeling like chocolate-eating has become a bit of an everyday occurrence anyway (gotta do what you gotta do to get through lockdowns, right?), we’ve got a few extra things you can do to make this Easter a bit more special for you and your family.

With lockdown easing, we know some of you might be leaping at the opportunity to venture farther than your living room, while others might just want to stay in your home comfort zone a little while longer. So we’ve got indoor and outdoor activities to brighten your day no matter what.

Indoor/outdoor Easter Egg hunt

Three lockdowns down, and we have no doubt you’re now a master at hiding chocolate in the house. Maybe it’s from yourself, maybe it’s from one of your little rascals. Just bear in mind that this time you’ll have to hide it in places they probs will actually find it.

If you’re keeping your Easter Sunday an indoor affair, then you make a list of all the nooks and crannies that are ideal chocolate spots for a hunt. If you’re crossing your fingers for some good weather so you can take it outside, you’ve got two options: plan in advance, or walk and hide Easter eggs as you go – we tend to aim for the first but do the second 😉

And even if it doesn’t go exactly according to plan, it’ll keep everyone distracted enough for you to have a sit down and sneak some of the leftover choccies for yourself.

Arts and Crafts with Frugi

Now for something a bit less chocolate-centric…

Our friends at Frugi have 3 fun-packed downloadables with Easter themed activities for the whole family to get in on. We’re talking Easter bunting kits for decorating the house, Easter wreath kits and paper Easter egg hunts (plz don’t eat these ones).

Just download them *here*, print them and get those creative juices flowing!


Did you use lockdown to master the art of baking? What about just the art of eating baked goodies?

Baking cookies is a nice middle ground. No expertise needed, cookies are super easy to make, the kids can get involved and you can make them Easter themed too!