10 Dads You Should Follow on Instagram

Parenting accounts on Instagram can often feel quite mummy focused, but recently there’s been a real rise in honest and authentic ‘InstaDads’ who are nailing Instagram by sharing their adventures in fatherhood. Let’s look at 10 of our favourite Dad bloggers that are killing it:

Papa Pukka

Meet the Pukkas: Matt Farquharson, husband to Instagram favourite Mother Pukka (Anna Whitehouse), is now taking on the life of a professional Instagram blogger, snapping pics, blogging and vlogging about how they stay #parentingtheshitoutoflife. Peek into the life of a family man who is taking revenge as a famous #InstagramHusband.

Father of Daughters 

Simon, also known as FOD, cuts through the typically sugarcoated family life you often see on social media with his hilarious account of (his sometimes stressful) life being ‘outnumbered’ with four daughters. He documents his family life in all its full-on ups and downs, whilst talking openly about the challenges of being a dad to his four girls: Anya, Marnie, Ottilie and Delilah. If you’re after some good advice or a bit of a break, Father of Daughters is a great one to follow.

London Dad

After moving from London to Singapore, Gregory Stanton #InstaDad shares the good, the bad, and the oh-so-honest about family life. He manages to balance being a fulltime blogger with running a digital marketing agency with his wife, Alice. Touring the globe with his family, Gregory also highlights the untalked-about issues of parenting, including topics like male postnatal depression. This London Dad does it all.

 A Day in the Life Dad

This humorous Dad blog covers everything from fatherhood to football, from style to smelly nappies. Jamie Day, the award winning blogger, offers a glimpse into the joys and the occasional woes of the life of a modern day dad, with his wife, children and not forgetting, the dogs.

Not So Funny Dad

Not So Funny Dad, otherwise known as Nigel, shares his life with his two kids and wife and documents the tender but extremely funny side of modern parenting. If you’re tired of posed and cheesy family portraits, then take a look at this artistic dad who takes quality time to the next level. With a very creative approach to his photography, you can fill your feed with Nigels life behind the scenes as a co-creator of two adorable little humans.

Dad Blog UK

John Adams, dad blogger and vlogger decided to become a InstaDad after the sexism he faced as a newly stay-at-home dad. He is a current holder of Vuelio’s Best UK Dad Blog award and shares his experiences and thoughts about family life. When he’s not sharing his adventures of fatherhood, he’s also dipping into motoring and cars, DIY, home improvement, men’s style and fashion, male grooming, photography and lots more.


The DADventurer was created by stay-at-home dad Dave as a place to share his experiences of fatherhood. For this particular family, having a baby means tackling more outdoor adventures. Dave blogs and vlogs about his experiences, learnings, misdemeanours, failings and random musings about becoming a dad.

You the Daddy

You the Daddy, gives his perspective on pregnancy, babies and parenthood. His feed covers everything from top tips on fatherhood and dealing with your pregnant other half, experiences to expect and prepare for, plus all you’ll need to know to survive pregnancy and parenthood.

Dad’s and Don’ts

Dads and Don’ts shows the unique and raw insight of a father, and the internal worries and struggles men have in sharing burdens or showing “acceptable” emotions. This is a great one to follow because it reveals the reality of parenthood to new and prospective fathers, the responsibilities that will come and the lifestyle changes that are needed to make it work.

Dads Diary

Dad’s Diary shares the mad journey of learning how to be a father, and the thoughts, feelings and observations along the way. His gives his followers an honest insight into family life and tries to see the funny side of being tired all the time. Expect potty humour, tantrums & toddler fashion tips.

The Dad Lab

This unique feed is about a dad and his two adorable boys who love to do experiments and activities that are a little bit different! With the ultimate goal of providing worthwhile alternatives to screen time, Dad Sergei gets his kids about excited about doing science experiments together, showing them the basics of physics, gravity, electricity and lots more. Follow The Dad Lab to unplug your iPad-addicted child!

All hail the Dad bloggers of Instagram.