What Your Favourite Piccolo Pouch Says About You

There’s a wonderful variety of Piccolo blends out there, 25 in fact. We all have different tastes. It’s what makes us unique. We also have plenty of Piccolo fans out there who aren’t just babies! Let’s see if your favourite Piccolo pouch can reveal your personality traits.

Mango, Pear & Kale

If this fresh blend is your favourite, then it seems that you love to ram pack your weekend with exciting activities such as sky diving, hang gliding or bungee jumping into your weekend. You are always searching for an adventure! You’re naturally curious and love exploring nature and the great outdoors.

Banana, Coconut & Baby Rice


You enjoy socialising, and you are quite particular about the company you keep. In choosing this creamy blend, it’s clear that you tend to be a little stubborn, however, you always end up changing your mind about what you like and dislike which can drive your loved ones mad!

Blushing Berries


Loving the zingy fresh taste of this blend reveals that you make a fantastic team leader and you’re excellent at making decisions and fighting for causes. You’re also friendly, fun and easy to get on with.

Squash Mac & Cheese


You love to watch TV and you’re a very good sleeper. You’re also prone to sloth and laziness. You love your alone time and need your space, especially after a long day at work. You are a highly supportive person to friends and family.

Pure Plum


We’re going to be honest here, you tend to be fickle and can be extremely demanding at times. You are very energetic, spontaneous and have strong ambitions.

Strawberry, Banana & Peach


The sweet and delicate taste of this blend shows that you are a very good friend to those around you, you are quick to forgive and forget. You tend to keep a low profile and never create drama, therefore can appear to be shy at times.

Raspberry & Apple


You are constantly surprising people around you with new talents or strengths. You love to learn and have a keen interest in learning new things. You love to travel and have dreams to explore the world.

Apple & Cherry Yogurt


You often face ups and downs in your life but you don’t let anything get you down. You are great at naturally motivating yourself. Your home is your haven, and you love nothing more than being surrounded by close family rather than socializing with friends. You also love routine.

Tomato & Mozzarella Spaghetti


If you love this delicious blend, then you are a huge perfectionist, and you have a passionate and fearless personality. There’s also a good chance that you have many admirers, however you can be very bossy and stubborn!

Pure Mango


You can be an extremist with strong likes and dislikes and you enjoy taking control of stressful situations. A lot of people depend on you, but you need lots of love from the people around you when things get tough.

Pear, Apple & Spring Greens


This fresh puree reveals that you are a romantic at heart. You’re quite the softie, building harmonious relationships with friends and family whilst being very warm and sympathetic a lot of the time. But don’t get me wrong, you can be very impatient.

Next time you reveal your favourite Piccolo blend, it could be telling you more than you realise…

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