What Mums Really Want This Mother’s Day

| Advice

Mother’s Day is back on the 26th March, a day dedicated to honouring mothers and celebrating motherhood! However, deciding on the perfect gift for our mums can be pretty difficult. So, to make things easier this time around, the team at Piccolo decided to ask our mums what they’ve actually always wanted on Mother’s Day. Here’s a list of what we’ve found most mums really want on Mother’s Day.

A lie in

Let her sleep! It’s one of life’s great pleasures and it’s so simple – mums cherish a long lie-in this Sunday morning!

A clean house

After a hard week, a messy house can drive anyone nuts. A very simple request from our mums is for a deep-clean of the house so that they can maintain a level of sanity on this lovely day.

A heartfelt handmade card

Believe it or not, Mums love handmade gifts. On this special day, forget about running to the store and buying a generic card, it seems there’s nothing that our mums love more than a lovingly crafted handmade card!

Spa day

What better way to allow your mum to put her feet up and relieve some stress! Treat your mum like a pampered princess with ultimate peace and relaxation, with a heavenly day of spa treatments.


Our mums can’t get enough of family photos! With the happy family memories and the pictures that you know mum will love, surprise her with a creative picture gift! Remember, the more handmade, the better!

Happy Mother’s Day!