What exercise is suitable during pregnancy?

Pregnancy isn’t a free pass to stop exercising. Nod along, because you knew that. Skydiving and skiing are off the list though, but how many of us do those regularly anyway? For the most part, you should be able to keep up your exercise regime through your pregnancy, even if it means tweaking it here and there. Then, you can begin slowing things down through the third trimester but — and who are we kidding? — baby will slow you down anyway.

The benchmark for whether you’re exercising too hard is that if you become breathless as you talk, you’re probably overdoing it. Also, don’t take up any new exercise during pregnancy. We know you might be craving things you’ve never fancied before, but taking up equestrian sports shouldn’t be one of them. Here are a couple of things you are allowed to do during your pregnancy.

Dance and aerobics

We all know aerobics are an instant mood-booster. It might feel a bit ridiculous but nobody ever comes out of the class in a bad mood. All that cardio, even the low-impact, pregnancy-friendly stuff, will wear you out enough for a good night’s kip.


Sick of sitting on the sofa? Swimming is another great way to take the weight off your feet. Your body and bump feel lighter in water: fact. Get your blood pumping and body stretching at an antenatal aerobic class to help iron out any aches and tensions that carrying a baby around inevitably brings with it.

Yoga and Pilates

Breathing exercises? Check. Tummy muscle building? Check. Relaxation? Check. If anything is going to prepare you for labour, it’s your local yoga or Pilates class. Where do we sign up?

Walking and running

Even walking to the shops racks up a few thousand steps and if it’s on your step-counter we’re counting it as exercise. Aim for half an hour of movement each day, keeping in mind that the more active you are, the easier it’ll be getting back into shape post pregnancy. This exercise business is starting to feel like a no-brainer.

Pelvic floor exercises

Finally, two words: pelvic floor. Nobody gives this a second thought before pregnancy but your pelvic floor is a key player in childbirth and needs all the love and support it can get. Pelvic floor strengthening exercises are fairly easy to do (Google a tutorial) and the best part is you can do them anywhere and nobody will know…