Weaning 101: How to Introduce New Textures Successfully

Are you wondering when to feed baby table food? Are you encountering a texture issue with food during the transition from baby puree to solid foods? The world of weaning can be extremely overwhelming, especially when it comes to introducing new texture to your little one’s diet. As a new parent, you want to give your baby the best possible start in life and that includes providing them with nutritious and wholesome foods. But how do you do that without turning mealtime into a battle royale?

We’ve rounded up our top tips on introducing new textures to your baby successfully:


Breathe in… breathe out… We know how stressful it can be trying to get your little one eating and trying new things. It is more common than not that your baby will have a texture issue with food. But did you know it can take up to 10 times before your baby accepts a new flavour? There’s no need to rush when it comes to trying new textures. Start with small amounts and gradually increase the amount and texture as your baby gets more comfortable.


Giving little ones large chunks of soft veggies, fruits or meats is a great way for them to practice their pincer grip & hand-eye coordination. You can check out our favourite finger foods for babies here.


If your baby doesn’t accept a food at first, don’t cajole or distract them into eating it. They may not be hungry, try again another time! Making eye contact, talking to them and encouraging them to explore their food with all their senses will help them become more comfortable with new textures and flavours.


If your little one already loves mashed potatoes, why not try adding some finely chopped vegetables to the mix? The familiar taste of mashed potatoes may help ease them into trying new textured food.

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