We are now a carbon neutral company!


We’re always finding ways to become more sustainable, and we’re proud to tell you that we have now become a carbon-neutral company. What does this mean?

We try to do our bit to improve our sustainability (you might have seen that we recently launched bio-based pouches to reduce our emissions), but sometimes there are emissions we can’t avoid.

That’s where carbon-offsetting comes in – we’ve teamed up with Climate Partner to take our efforts one step further and offset these unavoidable emissions.

There are lots of ways to do this, but we’ve chosen to support the Clean Drinking Water Project in Uganda. We think it’s so important that children and their families have access to clean drinking water, and this project really stood out to us.

The project installs boreholes for families to get clean water, meaning they don’t have to boil water over an open fire which causes carbon dioxide emissions.

As well as greenhouse gases, by partnering with the project, we’re reducing the number of children affected by water-borne diseases, helping one family at a time.

You can find out more about the Clean Drinking Water Project here.

So far, we have offset all the carbon related to our company activities, and we are actively working towards offsetting the carbon used to produce our yummy products in order to become the UK’s first carbon neutral baby food brand. Baby steps, big leaps.


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