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The recent Change4life campaign focussing on our children’s diets, and the alarming figure that one in three children in the UK are overweight or obese, has highlighted further our focus on the importance of instilling good habits around food and exercise, from a young age.

Those learned behaviours around food and exercise gained in the first years of a child’s life have been shown to directly affect their lifelong habits – so it’s important we get those healthy habits in young!

Eating healthily and getting a range of active activities into a child’s daily life from a young age, doesn’t necessarily mean boring food and uninspiring exercise. There are some great, simple ideas you can smartly and easily include in your family’s daily life.

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Water Babies this January. Water Babies is the world’s largest baby swim school, teaching just under 50,000 babies every week through a network of family businesses across the UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, China, New Zealand and Canada.

It’s amazing how young you can start your little one on their swimming journey. Water Babies youngest ‘pupil’ was only one day old, but they normally start around 6 weeks taking them from first strokes underwater progressing onto keeping afloat. Swimming is a fantastic form of exercise that can involve all the family. Not only is it a great form of cardiovascular exercise whilst also strengthening joints and building muscle memory and lung capacity; it also improves co-ordination, boosts confidence, develops various skills and enhances wellbeing. Water Babies has written more on the benefits of swimming. The fun classes are structured in a way that allows most baby’s to happily be swimming distances underwater by about 30 months, then they naturally start swimming on the surface as their strength increases. Incredible to watch! 

Swimming is a great work out, that always seems to make you hungry afterwards, no matter your age! At Piccolo we have some ideas for healthy snacks to have to hand after your little one’s swimming session.

Snack ideas

-raw vegetables with hummus in a cup

-oatcakes and individual cheese pieces


-apple slices

-piccolo pouch

With over 50 franchises and 350 teachers, we are sure you can find a class near you to get involved!

So, happy swimming AND bon appétit!


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