Top Weaning Essentials

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We’ve compiled our list of Top Weaning Essentials to make the weaning journey as easy and enjoyable as possible.   


For those of you who haven’t fully discovered the joys of Tuppaware, come out from under your disorganised rock! These plastic containers are without question ware it’s at…hoho! If you are making your own baby food (alongside Piccolo pouches, natch) why not make a few large batches over the weekend and pop in the freezer so the weekdays are less hectic.

*Remember not to de-frost and freeze again.

We recommend these guys – they have a Tupperware for every occasion. What more could you ask for?! 

Baby Food Processor 

If you’re planning on flexing your culinary skills in the kitchen and blending your own baby food,  you’re going to need a food processor. The good news is that they can be used for almost anything, from making sauces, soups, dips, smoothies, ice-creams so you can whizz up your own lunch as well as your little one’s! We’ve got our eye on this Nutribullet one.


Muslins and wipes are a parent’s best friend. But, of course, you already know that 😉

We’re *obsessed* with these Modern Burlap ones, though they’re probably too nice to use when feeding!

High Chair

If you are already weaning your baby, they should be already be able to sit up all by themselves. High chairs make life a lot easier, allowing your baby to explore the food without being free to explore the rest of the house! An added bonus is that your little one can eat at the table like their siblings and start learning about food culture.

Mess Mats and Table Mats

Mess mats and table mats an absolute no-brainer as they’ll save you a lot of time, effort and clean clothes. Easy to wipe down and no curious stains on the carpet. Win win.

Weaning Jackets or sleeved bibs

Traditional bibs are pretty old-school and don’t end up doing very much. That’s why we recommend sleeved bibs because they have more surface area to catch any flying food and have a pouch to catch any crumbs. They also feature a nifty tie closure to allow your Piccolo room to grow.    

Bowls, plates & spoons

Plastic is soft on your baby’s gums, won’t shatter into a million pieces when dropped and doesn’t retain heat, making is the perfect material for baby bowls, plates & spoons.

We recommend the aptly named Unbelievabowl, which features a suction cup on the bottom that can stick to your childs’ high chair or table and ensure the bowl wont tip or fall over.