Top tips for eating as a new parent

Healthy eating as a new parent is hard, we’ll admit that. When it’s not all about looking after number one anymore, regimented meal prepping and limbering up for a big weekly shop goes out of the window entirely. But, let’s be realistic, eating healthily isn’t impossible. Here are a couple of ways to keep you well-fuelled for looking after your new kid.

Get stocked up before baby arrives

All that cleaning and decluttering you’ve been doing? Direct some of that nesting instinct towards the kitchen. Get ready for your new arrival by preparing and freezing meals. Think comforting pasta bakes, soothing noodle soups, and warming Shepherd’s pies, all ready your freezer and just a microwave ping away.

Call on family to help

It always amazes us how keen people are to help when you’ve got a newborn. Expect Tupperware boxes coming out of your ears with friends and family bringing over bits of this and that. But, be honest about it. If it’s all cakes and sweet things, don’t be afraid to hint at something healthier, followed by a heavy hint about how incredible their cooking is.

Now’s the time for recipe delivery boxes

If now isn’t the time to cut yourself some slack, we don’t know when is. Recipe delivery boxes are just easier. You don’t have to think about what you fancy: it’s just there — a delicious, healthy meal just waiting to be cooked. Some of the recipes even contain 4 or 5 portions of your 5 a day. Now tell us looking after yourself didn’t just get a whole lot easier.

Order online

Take advantage of being at home most hours of the day (cheaper delivery, right?) and do an online shop. There are fewer distractions than in the supermarket, meaning you’ll spend less, hopefully… If you haven’t realised it by now, Ocado, Sainsbury’s and Boots are absolute treasure troves for discovering new items — you name it, they’ve got it. You can pick up your Piccolo pouches on there too. Pro tip: if you haven’t shopped on Ocado before, look out for first-timer offers.

Try a fruit and veg delivery

If you’re well-stocked on the sauces, spices and frozen goods, all you’ll need is a dash of something fresh. For less than a tenner a week (if you opt for a box of OddBox wonky veg) or a little bit more for an organic Abel & Cole selection, you’ve got a box of veggies to toss into soups and stir-fries. In fact, the next thing you know, you’ll be blending it up for baby food.

Try to keep up good habits

We’ll allow a dinner in front of the telly now and then, but if you usually eat with your partner at the table, try to stay in routine. It’s a good place to catch up and eat together. it’s also good for baby to see you eating at the table — make way for weaning, right?