The Mozart Effect

| Advice
Have you heard of the “Mozart Effect”? Were you a mum that put speakers on your tummy while pregnant playing Symphony No. 40 in G minor? If so, you’re not alone!

Our Piccolo play list is always on the go in the office. Classical music has been shown to improve our spatial reasoning – all the better for our competitive monopoly and scrabble games!

In fact, there are masses of research on why playing music to your little Piccolo is not only good for them, but also for us! Playing music or learning an instrument is a wonderful way to slow down and relax, but also has longer lasting benefits to our memory, reasoning and managing stress.

It doesn’t just stop at classical music though; we have some great playlists on Spotify for quiet time or when you are in the kitchen drumming up some grub. Or here’s a perfect place to start relaxing to some of Mozart’s classics.