The Bizarre Gifts Of Piccolo Mums

Mothers…they really do love us unconditionally. So, in celebration of Mother’s Day, the mums of Casa Piccolo have shared some of the most bizarre gifts that they have ever received from us! Have a read of what our mums have said about our ‘incredible’ gift-giving skills – who knows, you might get some inspiration!

Mama Luca says:

“Once, Luca gave me a shower gel gift pack to use after my trainings to stop smelling!”

Mama Sunna says:

“For Christmas, Sunna gave me an alarm clock to improve my morning wake-up skills because I was always late!”

Mama Cat says:

“On Mother’s Day, Cat would present me with her masterpieces from woodwork class. From welly boot removers to bird feeders, each one very enthusiastically painted, they all still get used to this day.”

Mama Sofia says:

“Sofia’s best Mother’s Day gift has to be when she was in Primary school, where she was able to best practice her jewellery crafting skills…I had to wear these sticky and messy necklaces for weeks after otherwise I was in big trouble!”

Mama Emily says:

“Emily hasn’t really given me a bizarre gift! Most years for Mother’s Day she collates guilty pleasure gifts that I wouldn’t usually buy for myself, like chocolates, perfumes, jewellery or the latest tech gadget!”

Mama Alice says:

“Alice has been giving me homemade ‘to do list jotters’ for about 20 years, I find them every year in my stocking, she illustrates them with lots of silly quotes and pictures.”

Mama Daveena says:

“When Daveena was young, for Christmas she would put wrapping paper around individual toilet rolls to look like a cracker, then make me pull all of them!”

Mama Kane says:

“I once caught Kane wrapping me a gift that already belonged to me…”

Mama Florence says:

“Florence once accidentally ordered me a funeral wreath for Mother’s Day, it was so funny and the flowers were quite beautiful!”

Mama Clemmie says:

“When Clemmie was about 11, she bought me a set of these long colourful door frame beads – they were really big, loud, and didn’t match the room colour but I did end up keeping them up for about 6 months! (They mysteriously snapped in half and we had to throw them away…;)!”

Mama Josh says: 

“Only about 5 years ago Josh bought me a Big Mouth Singing Fish that you can hang on the wall. It wasn’t exactly something that I would have in my house…But Josh loved it so luckily he has it now!”

Some of those gifts were pretty bizarre, but they were certainly all in good faith to show our mums just how much we love them. Happy Mother’s Day!