So summer is here (yeah, we know, it could be a bit more obvious about it) and that means, on those days it actually feels like showing up, you’re going to want Ergobaby’s tips on summer babywearing and how to keep newborn cool in summer.

1. Dress for the Weather

Knowing how to dress an infant in the summer is no easy task. Layers = the key. Your carrier or baby wrap acts as one layer of clothing, so, when you’ve got it on let’s keep everything else light and breezy. That being said, this is still Britain and an extra layer kept in a bag is always a good idea!

We would go for fabrics made from natural fibres such as bamboo or cotton. They are the fastest drying and are breathable, so can help keep baby cool. Also don’t forget the shades and sunhat combo. Baby not a sunhat person? That’s easily solved – just wear an extra wide- brimmed hat yourself so it covers the two of you or use your Ergobaby integrated sunhood (comes with all carriers apart from heirloom).

2. Get the correct carrier for you

Everyone likes to get up to different things with their little ones, so having the carrier to match your needs is very important.

Ergobaby have different carriers for every family, so it’s possible to choose the perfect one for you and your family.

Wearing newborns in summer is no easy task, for maximum breathability go for the Omni Breeze. With over 90% of it made from SoftFlexTM Mesh it allows both the baby and the parent to stay cool and dry all day.

There is the Aerloom – made with excellent attention to detail you’d be hard pressed to find a carrier out there that provides as much stretch, support, and breathability as it does. Not to mention the fact that it’s made from recyclable materials!

To be ready for those summer days you can check out their range of carriers that come in Cool Fresh Fabric – it’s soft & durable and allows you stay cool and comfortable all day.

Or, for those with a smaller baby, they have the Aura Baby Wrap – the ultimate lightweight and breathable carrier that is also very soft on baby’s skin.

3. Watch out for the sun!

Wear sunscreen! On both you and your baby and ideally at least SPF30. If you’re really stuck for a solution and there’s no sunscreen in reach then some muslin or fabric can help shield from the sun – but sunscreen should really be your go to. Make sure to also take breaks from the sun – especially during the hottest periods of the day.

4. Hydration, hydration, hydration

Plenty of fluids are important to avoid dehydration when spending the day in the sun. If you’re breastfeeding, breastmilk will keep your baby hydrated – you may also find that they want to nurse more often. Bottle-fed babies can be given chilled boiled water throughout the day along with their regular feeds and baby food. Keep yourself hydrated as well – bring a bottle along for yourself and keep drinkin’.

5. Switch up positions

Just because you’re normally a front carrier kind of person doesn’t mean that can’t change. If your baby is old enough and your carrier supports it, why not try a side or a back carrier position.

And there you have it, all the tips you need from knowing how to dress a newborn in summer to SPF essentials!