Watermelon 3 Ways for Weaning

3 ways to prepare watermelon for weaning


You know what they say, when life gives you melons, serve them up for weaning… or something along those lines. No but seriously, watermelon is the perfect finger food for those teatime-munchers. Here’s why:


🧡 Loaded with Vitamin C: Boost that immune system for all the adventures ahead!

💧 Keeps ‘em hydrated: Staying refreshed is easy with this water-packed wonder.

🌈 A rainbow of flavours: Introduce a spectrum of tastes to those tiny taste buds!


So, next time you’re not sure what to serve up as a lunchtime snack, give watermelon a go!

  • 1 Portions

  • 10 mins

    prep time
  • 1 mins

    Cook time
  • suitable for freezing
  • V



  • Watermelon


  • Before serving up make sure to remove any seeds!
  • 1.Cut into fingers - best for babies 6+ months
  • 2. Diced up into cubes - best for 9+ months
  • 3. Triangles with the rind on - best for 15+ months
  • (Remember every baby and weaning journey is different so these age suggestions are just rough guidelines)