Mango, Apple and Kale

with a dash of yoghurt

This smooth puree is a delicious combination of juicy tropical mango and apple with zingy green kale and a swirl of smooth yoghurt.

Tip: This also makes great breakfast smoothies for grownups, or freeze into lolly trays for a summer yoghurt ice lolly!

Preparation: 10 minutes | Cooking: 5 minutes | Makes 4 portions | Suitable for freezing | Suitable from 6 months 


  • A handful of curly kale, washed and tough stems removed
  • ½ an apple, peeled, cored and chopped into chunks
  • 1 small ripe pear, peeled, cored and chopped into chunks
  • ½ mango, peeled and de-stoned
  • 2 tbsp of full fat natural or greek yoghurt


  • Place the apple in a steamer (add the pear also if not quite ripe) and steam for five minutes, then add the kale and continue steaming for a further 4 minutes until the kale is just wilted and the apples are soft.
  • Remove the apple and kale from the steamer and place into a blender and blend until smooth and you only get very small kale bits.
  • Add the pear, mango chunks and yoghurt and blend all together.