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Nutritious breakfast for kids with organic ingredients

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for both children and adults alike! It provides an energy boost and critical nutrients to start the day. Good breakfast foods for kids help them feel full for a long time, regulate their appetite, and maintain a healthy weight. It’s important for them include healthy fats, whole grains, proteins, and fibre for that slow releasing energy to help them power through the morning.
Encouraging a proper breakfast sets the basis for a lifetime of positive nutrition habits. Children who learn to prioritize nutritious meals early on are more likely to continue making better food choices as they grow older. It also encourages healthier eating habits and routines.

What makes a good breakfast for kids?

First, a healthy breakfast is the one that meets your child’s taste preferences. We all know that youngsters can be picky while choosing food and are less likely to eat what they dislike. Involve your kid in the food choice and preparation to increase their interest in the meal. Apart from that, their breakfast needs to contain nutrients such as:
  • whole grains that have complex carbohydrates for sustained energy;
  • protein to keep them feeling full for longer;
  • fruits and veggies to provide crucial vitamins, microelements, and fibre;
  • dairy products or their alternatives are the sources of calcium and vitamin D.
Make sure to offer a variety of foods to ensure that children get a range of nutrients. This prevents their boredom with the meal and provides a diverse nutrient intake. You can go for different varieties of products and allow your little one to make their own breakfast choices.

How to select an easy breakfast for kids to make

When it comes to preparing this meal, it should be as easy as possible, especially if your little one has to do it by themselves. If you’re planning on making omelettes, toast or pancakes for example, it’s best to cook these together as a family for health and safety.

An easy, healthy, kid-friendly breakfast with organic multigrain hoops

Very often, the options you can get in a supermarket are limited. Finding an easy, nutritious breakfast that kids will enjoy can be challenging. That’s why looking for a balanced meal online is a good idea. Organic multigrain hoops are made from grains that have been grown without artificial pesticides, chemicals, or genetically modified organisms. These products don’t include synthetic additives, preservatives, and artificial colours. They contain a mix of different grains, providing various nutrients such as fibre, vitamins, and minerals. A sufficient daily fibre intake supports digestive health, helps keep a healthy weight, and provides a steady release of energy. Apart from that, the taste and texture of multigrain hoops are enjoyable for children. The hoops can be served with milk, yoghurt, or juice and paired with fruits and berries for a balanced and satisfying meal. You can add nuts or seeds for extra crunch and nutrition (please remember to be aware of allergens).

Options for a nutritious breakfast for kids

Meals like smoothies, overnight oats, yoghurts, and granola are considered more suitable for children because they require less cooking. All you need is to mix the ingredients and enjoy your nutritious kid-friendly breakfast. Apart from that, these dishes are much faster to prepare and save you when you are in a hurry. However, they still contain all the essential nutrients for a good start to a day. You can allow your little one to create their own mixes with favourite toppings to increase their interest in meal preparation.