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How can we get our children to appreciate the true taste of vegetables, fruit, grains, pulses good quality fats and meats? The Mediterranean approach to eating is at the core of our recipes, and we want our children to love them as much as we do. We want to make sure we can get the best ingredient and have done a bit of searching to make sure we are getting pretty tip top ingredients and building sustainable livelihoods for our farmers while doing so too.



it all started with a seed...

Piccolo ingredients are planted and nurtured in independent family farms from across the Mediterranean from countries like Spain and Italy, with a few of our more tropical fruits and spices sourced from far flung corners of the world. At Piccolo, independent family farms are at the heart of our sourcing decisions. We know our farmers and their stories, and have been lucky to have sourcing ethics very much part of our founder’s and her family’s background in food. It is an integral part of our Piccolo journey.  We work closely with our farmers so that they grow for Piccolo bursting with flavour type produce to put in our recipes. It’s at the core of our promise to make sure we are getting the best possible ingredients for our range.

farmer stories

The Mediterranean region is full of incredible, high quality ingredients, and Cat and the team have travelled across the Alps, from the apple orchards in Campania, Italy, to picking harvesting zucchini in Provenance, France, meeting the families and friends involved in the growing of the ingredients that end up in Piccolo’s recipes.

Farmer Stories
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