Our favourite family days out

Stop mourning the loss of quiet, relaxing breaks and couples-only hotels. You don’t really mind. It’s hard leaving your babies with someone else for a few hours, nevermind whole days. So, it looks like they’re tagging along on the adventure. Now, we’re not purporting to be family travel experts but we do know a thing or two about travelling with kids. If you are after someone who knows their stuff, check out Eric Stoen’s travel blog Travel Babbo — we only learn from the best.

Almost everywhere has something for the kids

Family-friendly resort? Yep, we’re sure you got that memo. Fun fact for you: they’re everywhere. Don’t dismiss whole towns or countries, just because you don’t think there’ll be anything for the kids. Who ever said Florence was romantic so it can’t possibly be kid-friendly? Ice cream tours, cooking classes and Stoen suggests packing in a scavenger hunt for spotting all the sights. https://travelbabbo.com/things-to-do-with-kids-in-florence-italy/

Decide between the beach and the city (or a bit of both!)

Kicking and squealing in a shady spot is enough to keep a tiny baby amused, so if a balmy beach holiday is what you need, go book that. Buckets, spades and sandcastles will be enough for a toddler, for a day or so. Then, you might need something more. “Sunny Beach in Bulgaria is brilliant for families,” said Marnie, mum of 5-year-old Tinley and 13-month-old Arabella. You get the beach time you’re after plus there’s “lots to do for the kids, bouncy castles and fair rides, etc.,” she added.

Plan the trip around your child

Can’t decide where to go? Let us narrow it down for you. If your kid hates being in a car seat for hours, don’t go somewhere with lots of driving, warns Stoen. After a short flight time? Portugal (one of the sunniest places in the world!) is under three hours. If they’re still under three, you’ll be pushing a stroller in any continent, so it’s up to you to decide where you go. Remember your kid is just along for the ride.

Make what you want to do kid-friendly

Right, the destination has been decided. It’s got galleries, parks, fountains and beaches… it’s sounding a lot like Barcelona. We know you want to spend hours in the Picasso gallery but unless they’re a newborn needing a nap, a toddler isn’t going to be best impressed. Make a compromise with some more interactive choices, in the case of Barcelona, the science museum with its rain forest exhibition is a wicked choice.