healthy eating Nutrition at Piccolo

Our core beliefs are Balance, variety, and eating together.

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Alice Fotheringham

Meet Alice, our Infant Nutrition Specialist. Frankly, anything Alice doesn’t know about food probably isn’t worth knowing. From fruit farm roots to nutritional chef to baby food expert, we know we’re in good hands with Alice. When Cat met Alice, they bond over their love of food (obviously) and realised Piccolo just had to happen.


5 Tips

For Growing Healthy & Happy

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Listen to your baby

Strive for balance

Take a taste adventure

Eat together

Embrace your journey

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Vegetables & Fruit

We all know that a rainbow of different fruit & veg is good for our families. Check out how we source our  quality ingredients.

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A balanced plate

You need to make sure your family are getting grains, quality organic plant or animal proteins (including oily fish) on a daily basis. We’re on-hand to help you introduce these to your kid stage by stage.

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Above all, variety

Let’s face it, your little food critic isn’t going to like everything you feed them. Don’t stress it. Focus on feeding them a variety of vegetables, fruits, grains, fish, pulses and meats and the rest should fall into place.

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