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Feed them first,
the rest will follow

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Before you know it, they’re starting to roll, babble, smile and discover something new about themselves every day. Over the next few months they’ll continue to change in ways you couldn’t imagine. Fingers crossed they’re starting to get to grips with that thing called sleep, too.
But first, feeding. You’ve officially got a tiny human on your hands, one that needs the right nutrients and vitamins to keep them fit while you embark on many a journey together (read: adventures).

Meet our organic milks

Balanced with just the right nutrients
to help support parents with feeding,
and babies with growing

we focus on the nutrients

so you can focus on the milestones

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    ️Behind our formula there’s a team of experts with over 35 years’ experience in infant nutrition

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    ️Our experts have developed an alternative to breastmilk which supports parents at every stage

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    ️Our three different milks are nutritionally matched to your baby’s growth

Did you know that your breastmilk’s composition naturally changes as your baby develops?

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A bottle of nature’s finest.

organic milk is special.

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    ️We follow our organic milk from small, family-run farms straight to your bottle with quality checks along the way (that go above and beyond European regulations).

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    Research has found nutritional differences between organic & non-organic milk2

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    No GMO, no pesticides, no herbicides. No nasties, just the good stuff.

Did you know that less than 1% of the world’s milk is certified organic¹?

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gently does it

Mums and dads know that a bit of TLC goes a long way – so do we.
Made using gentle organic ingredients. Gentle because no nasties are used in
the fields where our cows graze

Parenting is a puzzle and
feeding is the first piece.

Get everyone fed, and the rest will follow.

It’s up to you and nobody else how you feed your baby. There’s a spectrum of choice but what holds us together is that we all want the best for our own.

Once you’ve figured out what works for you, that puzzle looks a little less, er, puzzling.

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¹KPMG, Global Organic Milk Production Market Report, 2018.
²Srednicka-Tober et al. (2016) Higher PUFA and omega-3 PUFA, CLA, a-tocopherol and iron, but lower iodine and selenium concentrations in organic bovine milk: A systematic literature review and meta- and redundancy analysis”. British Journal of Nutrition 115(6):1043-60
Benbrook CM et al. (2013) Organic Production Enhances Milk Nutritional Quality by Shifting Fatty Acid Composition: A United States–Wide, 18-Month Study. PLOS