Hartbeeps & Piccolo Encouraging Play

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“Pretend play” is a great way for children to develop an appreciation for relationships with others as well as improves a child’s emotional competence and cognitive development. Our loving partners at Hartbeeps know this and use their magic to take everyday objects such as spoons and bowls and turn them into everything from a drum to a hat!

Dramatic play, when a child is assigned a role and then acts it out, allows children to explore fun characters and bond with their mum, dad or caregiver. Between pretend play and dramatic play parents and little ones will love these innovative and musically magical classes.

So we all know that children playing is good for cognitive development but sometimes run out of ideas on new activities to do with our little ones. We’ve provided some ideas below to keep you and your little piccolo excited and engaged! 

1. Textures are exciting for babies!

Allow your child to play with different textures between cotton balls, rubber gloves, lace ribbon and more. You can even make a “sensory book” with all of the objects glued to the pages for your little one to

2. Puppets!

Whether it’s a sock puppet you’ve made yourself or one of the big, bright and colourful ones they use at Hartbeeps, these are a great way to get your little one laughing. Plus, they’re so much fun to play with for adults too! 


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At Piccolo the health and wellbeing of mums, dads, little ones and family are important to us and that’s why we’ve partnered up with the amazing Hartbeeps! 

With over 140 Hartbeeps franchises in the UK and overseas, we are sure you can find a class near you and get playing!