First Birthday Party Ideas

Congrats! You’ve made it. One whole year of keeping your child alive. It was touch-and-go in places but 52 weeks ago, you couldn’t see yourself getting this far. Never mind balancing going back to work with teaching them literally everything they know so far. Great job. How are we celebrating? Shots? Wait, no, that’s not it. How about a one-year-old’s birthday party? We probably ought to hand it them, they’ve done a marvellous job since leaving the womb too. Since it’s tough making friends in your first year, it’s going to be down to you to organise the bash and the guest list.

Throw it at home

The key benefit of having a party at your place is being able to drop straight into bed afterwards. Baby is fully on board with this too. Soft play is another good option, but if they’re not super mobile, it may be more trouble than it’s worth.

Theme it up

A teddy bear’s picnic where all invitees bring along a bear will be the sweetest thing ever and you know it. Do they have a particular affiliation for a certain toy? Maybe a Sophie La Giraffe-themed do or a Very Hungry Caterpillar celebration, complete with the classic cake. That’s got the cogs ticking, hasn’t it?

Keep it low-key

While in house parties gone by, bringing a mate was the thing you just did, it’s best to keep 1st birthdays simple. You might have the friendliest baby in the world but who wants a room full of strange faces on your special day?

Get some games on the go

Let’s face it, baby is going to be ecstatic about unwrapping presents. Nevermind what the present is, it’s all about the paper. Pass the parcel with just one contestant? Genius.

Something for the adults

Like a baby shower, the 1st birthday is an excuse to invite your friends round, except you’re less nervy about the new arrival and you’ve had a whole year to relax into your new role. While it’s not the place to get leather, consider putting on a couple of cocktails (pre-mixed or from scratch, we don’t judge).

A special outfit

It’s going to be a day to remember and one that you’ll be sharing photos of for years to come, even when their mates come round for dinner in ten year’s time. Style it up with a gorgeous birthday dress or smart all-in-one. Or, play the outfit into the theme — caterpillar fancy dress, anyone? Adorable, not embarrassing!

A smash cake

Yep, we’re still talking about these. A smash cake is simply the best photo opp and is amusing everyone at the party, including baby, who is absolutely over-the-moon about having a cake to splat and smush without any repercussions. They’re only one once, right?