Meet our family friends

Friend (noun) – a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection
Family friend (noun) – a friend who is also invested in your family unit
Piccolo Family Friend (noun) – a parent who gets what it’s like to feed a family and helps you find your own way

At Piccolo, we think parenting is a puzzle and feeding is the first piece. It’s a nugget of wisdom we’ve learnt over the years from speaking with our community of mums, dads and grandmas.. Over time, this has become a steadfast belief: feed them first and the rest will follow. Sleeping, talking, walking – those milestones that everyone talks/worries about – they’ll follow.

That’s not to say feeding is easy. (Far from it). Here to share their stories and wisdom is our group of Piccolo Family Friends. A collective of parents who have each been there and found their own way. That first jigsaw piece can be viewed from a few different angles. What’s most important is figuring out what works for you. Once you do, the puzzle looks a bit less, er, puzzling.

Piccolo Family Friends Launch Event

As a Clinical Psychologist, I’m super excited to be able to provide information in this way to parents and their families. We will be covering everything from what is maternal mental health, where to get help and ways of coping.

Rebekah Shallcross @mamafeminologist

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