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Eating in Pregnancy

Listening to your body in pregnancy

Firstly congratulations! But with your body going through so many changes over the next 9 months it can be helpful to take a step back and listen to what it’s telling you – here are our top tips for going with the flow & staying healthy

find a balance in pregnancy

Finding a balance between the foods you eat and drink can help ease morning sickness and help you maintain your energy as your body goes through this time of change. Here are our top tips for eating and drinking to support your well-being in pregnancy

taste adventures in pregnancy

In early pregnancy you might be feeling tired and nauseous, but energy dense snacks can help relieve this, so here are some ideas for snacks plus the foods to avoid.

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Eat Meals Together

made by our family for your growing family

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Add some movement

The right kind of exercises during pregnancy are a great way to stay active safely and meet other expectant families, plus the right exercise can ease the aches and pains of pregnancy; win win

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