Considering getting a pet? Here are the benefits

You’ve got one monster, so why would you get another pet? Yeah, we’ve heard that one before. But if you feel like you can take on a furry friend, it can have some pretty amazing benefits on your kid. Of course, there’s caring for it but adding a cat or dog to your crew has benefits that seriously outweigh the responsibilities. Here are a couple of excuses that’ll work in convincing your partner:

Pets are a calming influence

You’ve got a toddler charging about the house and you’re absolutely ready to tear your hair out. We’ve all been there. Some timeout to stroke or pat their new pup is often enough to put the whole house back into zen mode. It works the other way too; a new kitten needs lots of attention and your kid has plenty of that to give.

Pets teach your kid to care

It’s a bit like having a baby of their own in learning that they need to feed, look after and be kind to their little creature. Your little person will not fully understand at first but even teaching them to stroke and pat gently is a step in the right direction. Then you can build up to little responsibilities like putting food or water into their bowl or giving them treats. Kids always get the fun jobs, right?

Pets are empathetic

Pets have a way of always cheering us up. Maybe you’ve taken something away from your little terror because you didn’t want them to hurt themselves (very reasonable) and now they’re screaming the house down. Pets can sense upset and help to soothe them, regardless of the (sometimes absurd) reason they’re upset. Kids also learn to understand how the pet is feeling, which helps them empathise with other people. Definitely some animal-kid telepathy, we reckon.

Pets can make your kid more confident

Pets are always really happy to see you. Looking after a pet and getting love in return (even when it is in the form of a lick on the face) can really boost your kid’s self-esteem. Don’t forget that new furry creature is a member of the family who is going to grow up on the family journey right beside your little monster.

Pets are good for your kid’s immune system

Exposure to a cat or dog when you’re younger means you’re less likely you develop allergies as you grow up. It’s not just allergies to pets though, it can reduce your risk of developing hay fever, asthma, or eczema. Plus on the whole, your kid will probably get sick less. Your dog or cat carries good bacteria, so it turns out licks and hugs are key in keeping your kid’s gut healthy. That’s a pretty convincing reason, right?