Cheat sheet: How to prep my kids for back-to-school season

Adjust bedtimes and wake times: Set your kid’s sleep schedules back to “school time” two weeks before the first day to get them on the right track. 

Read daily: Even reading 20 minutes a day will help them get back into the books, literally.  

Whether it’s the TV or iPad, summer screentime is over: Set times and sub out extra watching time with fun, educational activities like puzzles, painting and crafts. 

Stock up on school supplies: Take a trip to your local craft store or W H Smiths with the kids in tow to help them choose some back to school stationary that’ll get them excited. 

Prep the night before: Sort out their outfits and packed lunches the night before to avoid hectic mornings.  

Get them talking: Understand what’s going on in their little heads, and talk about their feelings as they prepare for new elements of school. 

Get the practice in early: Whether it’s opening their lunch box, zipping up a coat, putting on shoes…and yes, learning how to wipe their own b#ms – it’s important that our kids are prepared for everything!  

Set up playdates with other kids in the class: Having a familiar face when they get to class will be comforting (plus it gives you the chance to get to know some new parents!).