Can Colours Really Impact How We Feel?

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Feeling blue? Seeing red? There’s no denying that colours and mood are closely linked.

Colours appear to us in so many different forms and is a part of our everyday life. But does it do more than just add variety and visual stimulation to our lives? Psychologists have said ‘absolutely!’ to that question for a very long time. Incredibly, it has been found that colours can invoke emotion and can directly influence our well-being and mood.

You might feel drawn to some colours, while others leave you feeling drained. Have you ever found that certain places especially irritate you, but have no idea why? Everyone responds to colours differently and can impact people in a variety of surprising ways. The emotional and physical influences of colour can also provide several potential benefits to your body and mind’s wellbeing,

They say that green is the colour of health. It can be known to try to cure health issues such as hysteria with green colours. Whereas red is highly associated with aggression and alertness. Researchers have discovered that the colour red’s effect is quite physical. It is a strong and stimulating colour and can prove especially useful during athletic activities, causing people to have greater speed and energy. Light purple is said to result in a peaceful atmosphere, relieving tension and stress (great for all busy parents). These could be great colours for a home or business office.

Keep in mind that some have a negative influence on your life, while others might have a positive effect. So, next time you’re choosing a paint colour for the rooms in your home, choose wisely! Take advantage of all the research out there and use it to adapt yours, and your baby’s room. Perhaps a warm yellow for the living room, which is known to be a colour of optimism which can retain alertness and promote concentration. With so many benefits and having an influence on how we feel and act, it would be useful to focus on what colours you encounter on a daily basis and make some changes to your life – and your family’s!

Now, after all that we’ve learnt about colour, let’s see if we can reveal your current mood with this short colour test! 

Which colour in the image below appeals to you the most?


Red: You’re feeling annoyed and restless – Maybe a little Piccolo mimosa can cool you down! 

Dark Blue: You’re feeling bored… How about a knock-knock joke?

Light Blue: You’re feeling confident and perhaps a little bit romantic aye?

 Light Pink: You’re feeling sensitive and compassionate

 Yellow: You’re feeling curious and confused – It’s a lot of information to take in for some people!n

 Green: You’re feeling worried and cautious- Don’t worry this is all just for fun!

 Orange: You’re feeling optimistic and open-minded – Go you!

You’ll never look at colours in the same way again…