Buggyfit & Piccolo Working Out and Having Fun

At Piccolo we believe in balanced weaning and on the whole, a balanced lifestyle, which of course includes exercise. We’ve teamed up with Buggyfit to offer little ones the best start in life as we believe that the wellbeing of the mums that look after their little ones is key!

Emma Redding, founder and trainer at BuggyFit says by 6-12 weeks, many mums feel physically recovered from having their little one and are ready to begin suitable exercise. Working out with a qualified pre and postnatal instructor is the wisest choice, and if you don’t have a class near you a brisk walk is a great alternative.  Running before 6 months, she cautions, can lead to discomfort in your joints and pelvic floor as they are at risk of sudden or long term damage. Running with your little piccolo in a buggy can also cause some issues under 6 months as your baby may not have the head and neck strength to deal with the different motions of the buggy.

One mum described Buggyfit as “a rare chance to do something for myself”, which is so important as a mum. We think so too and Cat was a total Buggyfit mum when running little Juliet around; best way to stay in shape and stay with baby while doing so keeping that bonding at all times. Below we’ve highlighted some top workout tips for mums and their little ones:

n1. Workout Tip: Make a start when you are ready with some brisk walking. Don’t underestimate the benefits of walking at a pace that will raise your heart rate and start to burn fat.

n2. Workout Tip: Find a class or even a workout buddy, this commitment to each other will ensure you stick to an exercise plan for longer. Our Buggyfit classes are progressive so there is no lower or upper fitness level – we cater for all & won’t push you until you are ready physically and mentally!!

n3. Workout Tip: Once your pelvic floor feels strong and you are certain your body feels up to it (no earlier than 5 months) – Cat adds jogging when Juliet was a baby ‘Always bring a little healthy snack for yourself after a long jog in case you get peckish and lots of liquids. I love a little mint and lemon in my water bottle for an extra kick.’

With over 80 Buggyfit trainers in the UK, we are sure you can find a class

near you and catch the Buggyfit bug!