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Working with our independent family farms, and their delicious organic natural yoghurt for our yoghurt recipes, means visits down to Somerset and their family farm. Cat has been getting to know the family farmers that make up one of the most gorgeous parts of England during her time with Slow Food in the UK. Grandpa Gazzoli, Cat, with her daughter Juliet often visit their beautiful farm to see the cows and the way they have pioneered organic milk farming in the UK.


    Yoghurt can be a yummy and healthy first food for baby, full of calcium they’ll need for strong bones, so put a dollop of yoghurt on herby rice or on a warm carrot puree.


    Natural full fat yoghurt is an excellent source of calcium, potassium, protein and vitamin B12.

  • FUN

    Genghis Khan the founder of the mongol empire, ate lots of the stuff and fed his armies with it.

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