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We get our juicy flavourful tomatoes from France. Most of the tomato production in France comes from five different regions: Bretagne, Aquitaine, Pays-de-la-Loire, Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur and Languedoc-Roussillon. Although the French often eat the same types of tomatoes, several thousand different varieties exist! There are almost 2600 types of tomatoes grown in Europe, including 430 in France.


    Tinned chopped tomatoes make the base for great recipes for your baby, simply cook an onion and garlic in a little olive oil, add the tin of tomatoes and fresh or fried herbs like basil for a great basic tomato sauce packed full of goodness


    Tomatoes are known for their high antioxidant properties. Contain large amounts of vitamin C and lycopene. Lycopene is more easily absorbed if cooked in a little fat such as olive oil rather than eaten raw.

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    Are tomatoes a fruit or a vegetable? A bit of both! From a botanical point of view they are a fruit, since they are result from the transformation of a flower. But from a culinary perspective they are a vegetables– courgettes and aubergines are also fruits, eaten as vegetables!

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