The Piccolo Spinach

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Belgium is little known for its gardening prowess, but here you can find some incredibly exciting plant growers developing delicious brassicas and edible leaves and shoots in the regions surrounding Brussels. Plentiful spinach which can be grown year round can be found all over Belgium.


    It’s important to watch out for nitrates naturally found in spinach, so you only need to give a little spinach to your baby. Try adding a little bit of cooked spinach with olive oil, sprinkled with cheese and folded into mashed potatoes. When your baby is a little older, spinach is brilliant in smoothies.


    Spinach is a real powerhouse of nutrients. We use baby lead spinach, which is an excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin C, and folic acid. Spinach also contains nearly twice as much iron as most other greens!

  • FUN

    Medieval artists extracted green pigment from spinach to use as an ink or paint.