The Piccolo Montello Cheese

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Cat spent many a gorgeous day working on Slow Cheese, one of the top cheese celebrations in Europe, and wanted to bring some of her love of cheese to little ones who needed a vegetarian option. Cat was delighted to discover Montello cheese, a wonderful vegetarian, Italian hard cheese similar in consistency to Parmesan but without using animal rennet.


    This hard cheese can be grated into pretty much anything, and lasts for a long time in the fridge. Wrap up in grease proof paper then cling film or a ziplock bag.


    Contrary to popular belief cheese, eaten in moderate quantities, is an excellent source of protein, calcium, and phosphorus.

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    A recent study suggests there are 450 types of cheese made in Italy which is just behind that of the UK and France. Of those, 34 have been granted a protected status by the European Commission. One of the oldest hard cheeses, Pecorino, has a heritage that goes back some 2,000 years.