The Piccolo Cheddar Cheese

sourcing location

Our British Cheddar comes from a family farm in north Somerset, near the quaint town of Redhill. Rolling hills and organic fields feed the cows that produce the rich creamy milk that makes the scrummy crumbly Cheddar that goes into our risottos, stews and pasta recipes.


    From the kitchen: Cheddar cheese can be pretty much added to anything and everything and can be had from 6 months.


    Dairy products, like cheddar cheese, provide you with essential nutrients, including protein, calcium, vitamin D and potassium.

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    There are more than 2,000 varieties of cheese available worldwide, mozzarella is the favourite around the globe, and the most consumed. People of Greece are the largest consumers of cheese worldwide. An average person from Greece consumes around 27.3 kg of cheese every year, about ¾ of which is Feta.