The Piccolo Apricot

sourcing location

The majority of Piccolo apricots are harvested in Spain along the east coast; from the Catalonia region, down to Murcia. This beautiful part of Spain is a big farming area, and we source many of our ingredients from this rich coastline such as the red peppers in our Squash & Chickpea Puree.


    Ripe apricots need to be chopped up and stoned before giving to your little one. If you get dried apricots, it’s a good idea to get the brown ones as these haven’t had sulphur added to them to preserve them, as some babies can react to this.


    The orange colour of the apricot is due to carotene (the more intense the colour, the higher the content). It has some of the highest concentrations of vitamin A in most fruits but also has a wealth of other vitamins such as C, B and E. It is also rich in minerals such as iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium.

  • FUN

    Apricots came from China before arriving in the Mediterranean. In China, apricots were once called "moons of the faithful" and were thought to enhance women's fertility.


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