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The Dolomites in Italy are a spectacular mountain range located in north eastern Italy which run through the apple region on Trento- Alto Adige. The UNESCO world heritage site is renowned for its fresh alpine air, clear mountain water and enchanting colours, the area is also celebrated for its apple and pear orchards, which is lucky, as that is where we get most of our apples and pears from! The climate of warm days and cool nights makes Trento – Alto Adige the ideal place to nurture apples and pears with crisp, clean and sweet flavours and textures. The altitude of the orchards can extend up to 1100m, this combined with the long ripening times, gives our apples their delicious flavour. There are over 2,000 local farming families that work these apple orchards.


    Apples need to be cooked when first introduced to little ones and can be given raw once they have developed chewing motions and have teeth to manage the texture. Steamed apple with a little cinnamon is delicious on its own or mixed into a little porridge or yoghurt for your baby.


    The Golden Apple is a member of the Rose family. We have chosen these for their wonderful crisp white fresh skin and sweet taste. We also use Gala apples from Trento. Apples are excellent source of vitamin C, soluble fibre and a good source of potassium.

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    In 2014, in Malles, in the region of Trento, a town surrounded by apple fields, the locals took a stand against the pesticides used across their fields and drifted over their houses season after season, and after a referendum, the town decided to ban the use of pesticides in the area, and are now at the forefront of organic farming in Italy.

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