An Open Letter: Why I decided to launch Piccolo’s organic baby milk


When I had Juliet 6 years ago, I was very lucky. Surrounded by family in Italy, I was able to breastfeed Juliet for the first 12 months – there were definitely ups and downs, but fortunately it fell into place, and I followed the route I’d hoped for.

Now I’m expecting again, I don’t know how things will work out – but I know the second time probably won’t be the same. I decided that if I formula-feed my second child, I want to use a product in which I have 100% confidence.

So, again, I set out on a journey to create a product with my core values at its heart.

Made from nature: Of course, it had to be organic. From family-run farms to your family table, our milk is made using gentle organic ingredients with no pesticides.

Enhanced by science: I partnered with experts with 35 years’ experience in infant nutrition to develop products with just the right nutrients to help support parents with feeding and babies with growing – so while we focus on the nutrients, you can focus on the milestones.

With a sense of community: We’ve brought together a collective of parents to provide support, share stories and impart nuggets of wisdom.

Done the Piccolo way: It’s our children who will grow up to live in this world, so having recyclable packaging and no palm oil was non-negotiable.

These core values are what defines us a company. I’m so glad that we’ve created a product that delivers on our principles for both my growing family, and for yours.

Cat x

Founder of Piccolo Foods

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