A well deserved Mother’s day celebration

The end of February means a few things: there’s a bit more daylight each day, maybe (probs not) a bit less rain, and lastly, that Mother’s day is coming up!

One of our favourite days – not that we’re biased – where we can celebrate all of the amazing, strong mums raising their families and doing a fantastic job!

Now, the current circumstances may not ideal for the dream Mother’s Day, but never has a day in celebration of mums been more necessary.
Having undergone a global pandemic and three national lockdowns while looking after your little ones in the last year is no easy feat and that needs to be recognised.

There are still ways that you can make the day special and enjoy it, and we want to help you do that! So we’ve put together a few tips and activities that can help you make the most out of the occasion…

1. Breakfast in bed

Let’s start things off with a classic: get treated to breakfast in bed. There are few simpler pleasures than being able to stay in bed for your morning meal. It means no cooking, no organising and, best of all, no moving.

No willing participants at your fingertips? We believe that breakfast in bed is still a treat even if you prepare it yourself. The key is to set it up the night before: get a tray with everything you’ll need and just leave the final touches (cooking/toasting/brewing) for the morning.

Or you might just need to get a little hint-y in advance. How heavy the hinting needs to be and what results said hinting will garner will, of course, vary. Questionable culinary abilities? You could make things very easy for them: “Oh, have you seen the new pastries at that bakery down the road? Don’t they look amazing?! I think they’ve even started doing home delivery…”

2. Flowers

Yes, another classic – but flowers never fail to brighten up a room or a special day. With spring on the horizon and with many of us being starved of outside time, bringing nature indoors will really mean a lot to everyone in the house!

Customisable, hassle free and delivered to yours door, there are so many reasons for getting a lovely bouquet for Mother’s Day! Added bonus: they’ll liven up a room that you’ve maybe seen a bit too much of these past few months.

3. Dedicate some time to a hobby or passion

It’s very easy to forget to give some time to ourselves and lose track of things we love doing.

One of the few positives of lockdown is that there are a huge amount of services and activities now available in our own homes. So, this Mother’s Day, why not take the time to do something you love, something you feel you haven’t been able to do recently?

Whether you want to get moving and sign up for a class with *Mumhood*, explore how to make pasta in an online cooking class or take a Zoom drawing class, use Mother’s Day as a reason to give yourself that time.

4. Maybe just do nothing at all

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, run down or just in need of a well-deserved break, maybe Mother’s Day can be just that.

Cut yourself some slack and in those moments where you don’t normally allow yourself to relax, do and use it as an opportunity to take a deep breath.

Run yourself a bath, order a takeaway, have a movie night where you can decide what to watch… however you like to relax best, be kind to yourself and do so this Mother’s Day. You deserve it!