8 Reasons For Getting The Family Into The Med Diet

| Healthy Eating

What is the Mediterranean diet?

The Mediterranean diet, being fruit and vegetable-based of course has a lot of health benefits. The diet has been adopted by Southern Europeans and also uses herbs instead of excessive use of salt, as well as less use of animal produce. Additionally, by having fruits and vegetables, it contains a lot less artificial products and refined sugars. This high-fibre diet also includes health fats and proteins with less red meat consumption. It is one way to replace saturated fats with healthy monounsaturated fats such as olive oil and polyunsaturated fats such as oily fish, seeds and nuts. A diet containing less processed, artificial foods is always a good diet!

8 ways the Med diet would benefit the whole family:

1. It guarantees your 5 a day!

It makes sure the whole family get their 5 fruits and vegetables a day.

2. It may increase longevity.

With the healthy properties in the foods within the diet such as all the vitamins and nutrients needed to help the body run properly it could stop other health problems that can be avoided by simply changing the illuminating the unnatural processed foods and chemicals we put in our bodies.

3. It is a way of life!

The Mediterranean apparoach is more a lifestyle than a diet and does not involve depriving ourselves of foods, instead just using healthier alternatives such as olive oil instead of butter. As well as incorporating more fruits and vegetables in the diet and changing dessert ideas or having food in moderation.

4. Can lift mood and emotions!

According to various studies, the Med diet helps boost mood, which gives you a healthy and happy family!

5. Can improve overall skin care health.

As well as lifting mood, the Med approach helps improve skin health as products such as olive oil contain vitamin E and antioxidants, this helps with keeping skin nourished and hydrated in order to keep your family healthy.

6. It would encourage more healthy snack ideas.

There are lots of different snack ideas that come from the Med diet. This can help keep your family healthy by introducing fun ways to eat fruits and vegetables instead of those unhealthy sugary snacks that make you have a crash after a short-term high, making it also better for children.

7. Protein sources are dominant in the Mediterranean diet.

Protein along with fruits and vegetables is dominant in the diet. This is essential as protein helps with growth and repair of our muscle tissues and helps strengthen our bone health. This is great for growing children who are active and always need to repair and grow their muscles, as well as adults whose bones and muscles can get weaker with age.

8. Wine is allowed

Last but not least, one of the adult favourites… The diet involves drinking a glass of wine! Preferably, red wine with a meal as it is popular in Mediterranean countries. Some studies suggest wine is good for heart health. It also contains some antioxidants. 



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