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6 months + intro to texture


What do their faces mean?

Your little food critic isn’t shy in letting you know they don’t like something. While they might not have the words just yet, that face they’re pulling says it all. This is what they think to that new flavour…

Balance with texture

Weaning need not be overwhelming; once you have decided you and your baby are ready it’s about taking a balanced approach in regards to timings, perseverance and food types.

Taste adventures with texture

There’s no one best food to start with when weaning, but simply prepared vegetables and fruits make great options. Here are some suggestions for first foods, along with what to avoid.

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Eat meals together

Made by our family for your growing family

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Add some movement together

Gymboree Sensory Baby classes have locations throughout the UK and are a great way to learn the many ways to stimulate pre-mobile babies with songs and activities

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