5 top tips for eco-friendly parenting

Saving the planet and looking after a baby? It seems like an impossible task. You haven’t had a good night’s kip in weeks so the last thing you’re thinking about is what rubbish goes in which bin. When you start getting into the swing of things, it’ll be easier to start thinking about your eco-options. Here are a couple of easy switch-ups, that aren’t too ‘out there’ to employ.

Buy bio-degradable baby wipes

Nappy changes, food spillages, messy faces… wet wipes become your best friend when you have a baby, don’t they? Sadly, your typical wet wipe takes over 100 years to biodegrade and they’re clogging up our sewers. The simple solution is to make the switch to biodegradable wipes that don’t contain plastic and can break down much more easily.

Choose reusable or biodegradable nappies

The nappy is another biggie that can take 500 years to break down (blimey!) but is something we absolutely can’t avoid using. You can choose reusable, which means washing them yourself; they do work out cheaper and are much kinder to your kid’s skin. Another guilt-free option is biodegradable nappies, like those from Kit & Kin, that break down in 3 to 6 years. We reckon that’s a good compromise.

Try to buy organic

Buying organic fruit and veg is better for the environment. Why? Because the soil in which it grows isn’t filled with pesticides and herbicides, so it’s kinder to plants and wildlife. Healthy soil also puts carbon back into the atmosphere and helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We get that trying to eat everything organic can be a mission, so just making more conscious decisions when you go to the supermarket is still a step in the right direction. Psst… our baby food is always organic.

Choose wood over plastic

Anything seems better than plastic these days and the same goes for toys. Wood or bamboo toys are going to more durable, last longer and are more likely to be made sustainably. Your wooden toys may be more expensive but at least they’re not going to kicking around in 500 years like most of your plastic knick-knacks. The Great Little Trading Co. is a great stop for wooden gifts.

Opt for non-toxic cleaning products

Natural cleaning products are better for you and your kid’s skin, as well as kinder to the environment. Harsh chemicals cleaners can be toxic to animals and sea life, and can be to blame for our skin rashes. Most green cleaning products made sustainably too.

We’re doing our bit for the planet too

Did you know that Piccolo has launched the UK’s 1st Bio based baby food pouch. These pouches are made from 80% plant-derived materials (instead of petroleum). What does that mean? Basically we’re using a more sustainable plastic and reducing our carbon footprint in producing the pouches.