5 tips to stay refreshed this summer

Aren’t we all loving these long summer days? It feels like we’re in the Mediterranean! But sometimes little ones get a bit restless in this heat, so we’ve trawled the web and found 5 ways for you and your little Piccolo to stay comfortable and refreshed during this heatwave.

Keeping Calm

A calm baby will handle discomfort from the heat much better than a restless baby. Try gently dabbing a damp, cool flannel/ washcloth on your baby to help keep them cool and relaxed. Before they sleep, try creating a relaxing, noise free environment to settle them for bed.

A Refreshing Bath

A cool to lukewarm bath will help your little one relax and get comfortable. The feeling of water on their skin helps soothe their discomfort and irritability. If your little one is slightly older (above 6 months), you could also put a tiny bit of essential lavender oil in the bath (however, ensure you take the utmost care if you decide to do this). Lavender helps your baby sleep better and deeper and could also help with boosting their immune system. Why not get in the bath with your little one – this is a great way to bond with them!

Wear Light and Loose Clothing

Light cottons and linens are great for summer. These are both breathable fabrics that don’t sit tight on your body. For your baby, light onesies are a win but also letting them play and explore in just a nappy is a lovely way for them to get some cool fresh air.

Outdoor Activities in the Shade

We all know that the sun can be so inviting, that awesome feeling of sun-kissed skin! Being outdoors, when the weather is warmer, is also great for your little one. Try to keep out of direct sunlight, find shaded areas to play together. Invest in a good sunscreen with a high SPF. Remember to keep yourself and baby hydrated throughout the day. At Piccolo we know the perfect way to create a tasty cool down treat. Pop your favourite Piccolo fruit blend in the freezer until frozen and enjoy a great summer ice lolly for you and your little one.

Regulate the Temperature

Create a breeze in your home, by opening some windows to allow fresh air to move through the rooms. Stale air can often cause discomfort and make babies restless. Remember to check your baby’s temperature if you feel it is getting too hot. If you happen to have a thermostat in your home, make sure it is set to a comfortable level (16 – 20C is a good range).

If you’re feeling fresh, feel free to share with us some of your own top tips for keeping cool this summer – tag us in @mylittlepiccolo on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Have the most amazing summer!