5 packed lunch hacks for busy parents

Back to school season is right around the corner, so it’s time to kick your lunch packing game into gear! It can be hard to come up with school lunch ideas and healthy foods that your kids will actually eat, and then there’s the added challenge of packing the food to stay fresh for hours. Throw allergies, picky eaters and limiting food waste into the mix and it can feel impossible to get it right. The good news? We have five of our favourite tips that’ll make the process a little easier… 

  1. Equip Yourself

No one wants a squashed sandwich or warm yoghurt. Investing in a quality lunchbox, thermos, or even a few ice packs to keep things cool can make all the difference. Pro tip: If you don’t have an ice pack, you could freeze a Piccolo pouch! We find that insulated, soft-sided lunch boxes or bags are best, but metal and plastic ones are great too.  

  1. Plan ahead

Feeling strapped for time? We get it. Planning and prepping packed lunches is key to getting a few extra minutes of that precocious night’s sleep that we’re all desperate for. If there’s a quiet moment over the weekend, jot down some lunch ideas you know are a hit with kids and either prepare in bulk, or the night before so you have one less thing to worry about in the morning. 

  1. Pack smart

When it comes to school lunches, pack the food you know your kids will actually eat, not the food you would like them to eat. We get it, you want them to eat kale… but not only does it not travel well, but kale is boring to kids (unless you’re packing a Piccolo Pear, Kale, Pea & Kiwi pouch!). The last thing you want is a full lunchbox coming home with them, so ensure there’s enough of the foods they like in there and focus on your feeding goals when you’re both at home. 

  1. Get your kiddo involved

Making lunch alone can be boring, so why not get a little helper involved! Once everything is prepped, they can easily grab and organize it in their lunchbox the way they like. Letting them build their own lunch is also a great way to ensure they’ll *actually* eat at school. Why not give your child a list of foods they can choose from, take them on your weekly shopping trip, or involve them in the online shop so you can offer a variety of different foods to try.  

  1. Dress it up

Make sure your kids feel extra special everyday by adding an ounce of fun in their lunchboxes. Whether it’s a drawing or hand-written joke, it’s such a great way to make lunch fun, engaging and keeping them happy throughout the day.