5 Items For A More Comfortable Pregnancy

Pregnant and uncomfortable? We’ll not act surprised. Every woman that has carried a baby for nine months would agree that sometimes being pregnant isn’t much fun. You can’t just pop a paracetamol and hope the aches and pains go away. From sensitive breasts and backache to itchy legs and morning sickness, these are the pregnancy symptoms we all suffer through and miraculously forget all about as soon as that baby arrives. While we can’t magic away your discomfort, we can let you in on bits and bobs that’ll help you out.

A decent pair of maternity jeans

Let’s face it, you’re only going to be pregnant for nine months, so a whole wardrobe overhaul is probably unrealistic, not to mention expensive. Plus, who wants to only wear maternity for nine months? Not us! It’s all about loose tops and long, flowing dresses. Except you ought to pick up some maternity jeans because — and you heard it here first — you will not be fitting into your skinnies after the first trimester. Under or over-the-bump, it’s up to you.

A pregnancy pillow

Forget your partner, a pregnancy pillow is your new favourite bedfellow. “It was a genuine struggle to be comfy and having a pillow to place around me was definitely the best thing I could ask for,” said Lian, mum of 11-month-old Jacob. Sleeping on your side will have been drilled into you and a pregnancy pillow tucked between your legs helps to support your neck and bump.

A non-wired bra

We know, you always wear a wired bra. But just because you’ve always done it, that doesn’t mean it’s comfortable during pregnancy. In fact, when your breasts balloon in the first trimester, the wiring is probably adding to your discomfort.

Nausea remedies

Whether your symptoms are low to medium morning sickness or full-blown toilet-hugging waves of nausea, it’d be a rookie error not to have a couple of remedies on hand. Ginger, prenatal vitamins, sea bands and aromatherapy are some of the options that mums swear by.

A Netflix subscription

Taking weight off feet? Check. Relaxing? Check. Distracting? Check. Sprawling out on the sofa and binge-watching your favourite show is a surefire way to distract yourself from pregnancy aches and pains