5 Great Bits of Kit for Weaning


There’s a lot of info out there about how to wean your little one. We believe there’s a no specific ‘right’ way to wean: it’s all about you, your baby and how you want to go on this journey together.  

That being said, it never hurts to be prepared and we found these bits of kit really helpful when we were weaning our little ones.   

Sleeved bibs & weaning jackets

It’s pretty amazing how many places on their body their food can go that isn’t their mouth. Maybe it’s a fashion choice, maybe they just love sharing their dinner with their clothes. Either way it’s messy and it’s going to add up to a lot of laundry for you (if only they could help with that!) Sleeved bibs and weaning jackets are your knight in polyester armour and will save you from doing a wash after every baby meal. 

Messy mats & table mats

Did we mention it’s going to be messy? Yes, well, we weren’t joking around. Maybe your floors needed a splash of colour, but a squashed and thrown strawberry probably wasn’t what you had in mind. These messy mats and table mats are exactly what you need to protect your hardwood. Unless you have a mini-hulk with unbelievable throwing skills, then you might need something with a bit more coverage. 

Food blender 

If you go and see a palm reader, they’d tell you your future is full of purees… lots and lots of purees. Let’s make your life easier and get a blender. It’s not only for the baby; it has lots of other uses as well! [It’s not only for the baby; it’s pretty useful for mum and dad too – post-bedtime frozen margaritas anyone?]  


We always say that the easiest cooking is the kind that past-you has already done and is ready to go. It’s also really useful when dinner’s taking a little longer than expected or cooking is completely off the cards because of a long day. Tupperware’s the storage dream that’s going to help prevent appearances from the Hanger Monster (always a good thing).  

Plates and cutlery 

They might not be quite ready for your finest crockery, but you’re the best judge of that. If you think (rather sensibly) that you’d rather wait until they aren’t throwing their bowls, forks, glasses and everything in reach on the floor, then you should get some durable, chewable crockery for them.   

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