13 Tips for Travelling with Babies & Toddlers

If the idea of going on holiday with your newborn isn’t exactly a relaxing prospect, then you’re in good company…! Travelling can be stressful at the best of times, and adding an infant into the mix can feel like an unachievable feat of parenting. To help you in your quest to spend some quality time with your baby away from the hypnotic glare of Peppa Pig, we have compiled a check list of travelling must-haves. We can’t promise it will prevent the inevitable tantrums, spills, and glares from fellow plane passengers, but all least you’ll be prepared for all eventualities!!

Get in touch with us if you have any travelling tips to add to the list!

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  1. Wipes. A no-brainer. Sticky hands aren’t fun for anybody.
  2. Plenty of clothes. Spills and leaks are part and parcel of parenting so be sure to pack extra clothes for the journey.
  3. Lightweight stroller or carrier. “Thanks Captain Obvious” we hear you cry – but investing in a lightweight stroller will make your life a lot easier. 
  4. Suncream & sunhat: Don’t forget the factor 50 to protect your little one’s delicate skin from harmful UV rays. Maybe even through in one of those nerdy caps that extend down the back…
  5. Muslin cloth: Possibly the most useful things under the sun, bring a few to mop up/ wind/ dry/ feed your baby (#glam). And be sure to pack a couple of blankets – air con on planes can be unpredictable. 
  6. Tunes – Be sure to subscribe to @MyLittlePiccolo on Spotify for music that will entertain your little one and not drive you round the bend.
  7. Colouring books/ Soft toys: Forget your child’s favourite soft toy and it’s game over. Colouring-in books can provide hours of uninterrupted entertainment (i.e. the holy grail of parenting) 
  8. iPad: If the magic of colouring books is starting to wear off you can always fall back on the trusty iPad…ah technology, where would we be without you? 
  9. Bath plug – A universal travel bath plug fits any plughole, and is useful for turning any basin into a baby bath. A pair of socks over the taps will prevent your little one from turning them on.
  10. Travel cot – Find out if your accommodation will supply one before you go. If not, you may have to bring your own.
  11. First Aid Kit- These nifty little medical boxes are a God-send and will save you the struggle of communicating with a French pharmacist with GCSE language skills…If you want to be extra prepared, get your hands on a baby thermometer – we recommend this one.
  12. Feeding equipment – Be sure to pack bibs, beakers and spoons plus a plastic bag for dirty items.
  13. Sterilising tablets – useful for cleaning bottles or general snack cups. Get your hands on them here.
  14. And finally…snacks!  Rumbling tummies can really throw a spanner in the works and the comfort and distraction of food can be a life-saver. Cucumber sticks, rice cakes & fruit are always winners. And it goes without saying but be sure to stock up on the Piccolo range!